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Originally Posted by DarkRisingGirl View Post
Yeah, if I can find a music inserter we'll come back to this hack and change the music up for abit. I need a loooong rest everyone, I've put in a lot of work. I assure you no errors will stop your play through or ruin the hack's progression for you. If you do spot an error, I 99.9% guarantee it's a minor problem and nothing major. So for now, let me get some rest before I fix up anything.
Ha ha ha..I'm sure you need some rest after releasing final version of DarkRising 1..its awesome..i'm playing with my old sav file..the game is now more perfect due to day & night effects,right??

ps-hey i just wanted to know that is it normal for those scripts to run again & again?? i tried 2 give a description about that problem in my previous post..just so you may know,i don't have any problem with that..

BUG found- hey after you battle fighting dojo's leader you get the option 2 choose sawk & throh but whichever pokeball i choose i get throh..i can't get sawk