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Originally Posted by AmethystRain View Post
I'm just gonna keep reusing this topic for issues specific to my project, so I don't clutter stuff across 83984 threads.

Anyway, uh, I ran into this crash today:
It happens whenever a certain map loads (be that via connections, or if I try to warp to it.) It was working yesterday, and to my knowledge I haven't edited anything on that map, so I'm confused. Any help interpreting what the source of this problem might be? :c
This error occurs when you have a event with a condition with a variable value (Number) and this variable was a word (String). Example: You have a event that only start when the variable 40 has 1 or more, but the variable 40 has the rival name.

Note that some strings may have only numbers. To correctly check, just go in debug and enter in the variables (the part that you can edit the variables values). If the variable has a number value (like 25), but when you click the value goes to 0, so it's a string. But if the string is "0", you unable to find with this method.
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