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Quote originally posted by Seraphimon-sama:
I'll sign up. Favorite Dragon Trainer is Cynthia, and partner Pokemon will be Latias and Garchomp. Dragons are actually my second-favorite Type, due to Psychic being my favorite. My all-time favorite Dragon Pokemon is Latias.
Ohai there! I see that you like Latias, don't you? I wubs them :3 Well, I love them!

That said, how about answering the actual current topic? It's "That said, what do you think, in your heart, is the perfect dragon (Pokémon or not)?" right now, by the way.
Hey, it's Twiggy here. Or Twiggy, if you prefer. I like Servine and Noivern a lot. I'm paired with Kip. I like Katy Perry. I want a Chespin plushie. Also, I'm a total PC geek.