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Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
I don't know anything about the library files, and it'd be a large pain to fix any problems that using a different library might create (unless you feel like testing and debugging every single line of code?). The correct library file already comes with Essentials, so it's not as though it's impossible to fix. Even if I used a newer library file, this problem would still occur anyway.

This problem and solution already exists on the wiki, as you say, in the aptly-named "Error messages" page. I really don't think this problem is common enough to warrant a mention anywhere else.
Every edit that I made on my RPG Maker, the ini goes to RGSS104E.dll. I made a entire game and several changes in recent Essentials versions and didn't come with this kind of crash. So I think that RGSS104E.dll is stable enough to change the main kit and let's the people test.

For every game/demo, if the developer didn't change the ini to RGSS102E.dll, the players won't able to play the game if they didn't have the same lib installed or in the folder, so if the dev forget to change the ini (keeps RGSS104E.dll) and release the game, only the people that have RGSS104E.dll that come with the RPG Maker instalation 1.04 will be able to play it (or notice and fix the ini error).

But I understand your point. The demos/games are so rare that the people that manage it generally fix this problem. Let's wait util more people request this (or have problems with this).
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