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Oldale Town

The boy and his Mudkip trotted into Oldale as it began to snow. "Third time now..", Jupiter murmured. The large white and red building was well visible and they dashed towards it. . . .

Jupiter called back Aquaseas and handed the three pokéballs to the smiling nurse. Minutes later the nurse returned with two pokéballs..

"I'm sorry.. Your Poochyena took some major damage.. He needs to stay some time.."

Jupe almost cried, "How is he? When he.."

"Don't worry at all.", the nurse assured, "Your Poochyena will be back to his former self very soon.. Come back 30 mins later."

Jupiter left the pokemon center with worries and the two pokemon. The snow was starting to pile up. A lot of noise could be heard from the direction of Route 102, the trio decided to investigate. . . .

It was a festive mood in this route. People and pokemon filled the atmosphere with all sorts of noise. Seels swam proudly in the waters, Vanillite were seen everywhere, alongside the known residents Psyduck, Surskit and others. Jupiter shouted in joy.
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