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Congratulations on the Sawsbuck, Frillish and Charmander! Also, congrats on the Charmander being female. She's just like my shiny Treecko haha, she's female too.

So, I was going to hunt Skorupi for the red shiny of this contest, but because I also want to use it competitively I'm going to put that hunt off for a while. See, I was planning on Everstoning (lol that sounds weird) a Careful nature on it and breeding the egg move Whirlwind, but that won't be possible as of now because I forgot that Everstone only works on the female Pokémon and my Japanese female Skorupi doesn't have the right nature. My male English Beautifly does, though, because I'm an airhead and forgot that that won't work. So the easiest way to accomplish my plan is to use a female English Skorupi with the correct nature (that shouldn't be hard to do) and a male Japanese Beautifly or Dustox with Whirlwind. Now, I'm sure many of us know the ridiculous things people on the GTS ask for, so getting the male Japanese Beautifly or Dustox will take a while and I don't want to waste hunting time. Instead I will hunt for Bonsly :]
And if I don't get lazy I'll continue playing through Diamond version so I can SR for the Lake Trio. I haven't touched it in a while so I should really get to it soon haha.

tl;dr I won't be able to get the nature and egg move I want for my shiny Skorupi in time for the contest so I am putting it off and hunting for Bonsly instead. I will try to play through Diamond as well so I can start SRing for the Lake Trio.

And on another note, I evolved two of my shinies, so I now have shiny Zoroark and shiny Vaporeon. Woo.

Originally Posted by MonoSpectator View Post
Uhm, greetings Shiny Pokemon Hunters :3 May I join this club?

I don't have any shiny Pokemon of my own just yet, but I'm hunting for a shiny Charmander and a shiny Eevee (with all eeveelutions) in my Pokemon FireRed, although I might be moving to Emerald soon and start hunting for those above along with a shiny Mudkip and other 3rd Gen Pokemon.
Welcome to the club, MonoSpectator! Charmander and Eevee are very cool shinies indeed :D
However I suggest that you not SR in Emerald, because the RNG is broken in that game. Every time you SR you'd end up with the same Mudkips over and over. I'm not super knowledgeable about why that is or why it happens, or if it even affects the shininess of wild Pokémon, so anybody who knows more on that will hopefully explain in further detail.

Good luck on your hunts, everyone! Yay I'm done blabbing now
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