Thread: Gen I & Gen II: Are Tyranitar & Dragonite legendary?
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If you look at the Gen 1 and 2 pokedex's you see that both the Tyranitar evolution line and the Dragonite line come after the so called Legendary birds or beasts

If you look at the people who use a Dragonite in the anime/games you have:


Where as if we look at Tyranitar I don't think there is anyone who uses it? Ingame and in the Anime.
It makes an appearance in the Celebi movie where it is captured and used as an evil slave, but apart from that. Nothing.

Why do you think this is?

Which is more rare Tyranitar or Dragonite?

If you look here they mention Metagross/Salamence/Garchomp and Hydeigon, but none of these appear over the 3 semi-legends you see in the pokemon games.
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