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Ah, let's see if this is the right place to ask this. This isn't really a team help question, it's an "analyzing what I'm reading regarding one specimen" type of question.

I have picked up two Emolgas in my travels and am trying to decide which is the better one to keep (as I'm going to do an in-game trade using the other for a Gigalith). I'm currently training on Route 7, where a bird breeder always challenges you in B2/W2, getting ready to face the new Mistralton Gym. I am going to level up the Emolga to take part in the battle with Skyla with my other Electric types; I have six total, and all of Skyla's trainers (and her own birds) are weak to Electric with no immunities, so I may just go in with a single game plan unlike other Gyms. Further usage I haven't decided yet, but the Levitate ability makes it immune to Ground attacks, something I love (and the same type of reason I like Marshtomp/Swampert so much, being immune to Electric with Ground typing).

I decided to toy around with the Action Replay code for viewing IVs and EVs (naturally, EVs for both are all 0 right now), and here's what I learned about them:

1) Lv.22, EVs are 24/18/25/31/02/02 (yes, 2 in special defense and 2 in speed, but an impressive 31 for special attack)
2) Lv.31, EVs are 12/19/27/09/26/16 (special attack is now the lowest, but this one's defenses are up there near the best).

My analysis:

1) Provided I don't stick it against something it's weak to, it's an excellent special attacker and could likely take out a foe with a OHKO frequently, even if underleveled. Its HP is higher than average as well. Attack is about average, defense above average.
2) Defensively, it's a wall; however, special attack is nowhere near as good as (1) and it has lower HP, while basic attack is about the same.

I'm debating trying to capture a few more by inducing them into battle with Electric types leading the party, and then go to check their IVs as well. My question is this: what would be an ideal (minimal) IV set for a Pokémon like Emolga? Keep in mind my way of building a team is covering weaknesses, and I like having a Pokémon that has moves that will cripple its opponent; thus, having a good attack or special attack is probably more important than defense, though in certain matchups my defense might be more of importance.

(Think I just answered my own question, as I found and successfully captured a 19/13/30/30/26/19; I'll load it up with special attacks so the lower Attack stat. isn't an issue.)

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