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Adam Randi - Justice Arcana

Adam jumped at Xoxaa's outburst as she told him to leave her alone and stormed away. He thought about apologizing, but he wasn't sure what she'd do if he pursued her, so he decided to wait for another opportunity, when she would be less aggravated. He was feeling worse than before, now. He drooped his head and jammed his hands in his pockets, thinking of all the places he'd rather be than where he was now. Though, he wasn't quite so lucky that he would catch a break, and was acosted by a woman wearing a military uniform. He knew that she came to him because of something he did, though he wasn't exactly sure of what it was that he did.

"Good evening," she started. Adam's expression remained unchanged, and he felt a small amount of fear spark in him. It reminded him of the incident not too long ago that involved him being involved in a murder case. That day, the members of Sword greeted him in much the same way this woman did now. Their words were polite and cordial, but they were paradoxically aggressive and stern in their intent; it's a deceptive bit that Adam slightly envied, but it was one that also made him cringe.

"You seem to have provoked one of the Sword Apprentices." She continued, with a brief gesture to where the priestess. "If you would, I'd like you to explain what occurred, so we can settle the matter appropriately." Adam's eyes shot open in shock. He was in trouble for that? No, no he was jumping to conclusions, and he knew this...but...what if he were to have fun with the whole situation? What if, rather than trying to comfort and socialize with the priestess, he did something more sinister?

"Well, officer," He started, bearing a grin. "I noticed a cute coed in this direction. She seemed a little lonely, so I walked over and comforted her as any gentleman would." He put his back against the wall and his hands behind his head. "Well, 'comforted' may be a little too mild. I 'dropped a few lines on her', complimented her figure and the like. Y'know, the normal stuff." He looked in Illiphia's direction. "Seems she was a bit too fickle, though, and she ran off with rather piercing words. Heck, I probably hurt more than she did." He put on a fake pouting face and moved closer to Oda. He pointed to his heart and said, "It hurt; I felt it right here." He poked at his chest a few times. "Right. Here."

He moved back to the wall and put his hands back behind his head. For an improvised performance, that was pretty eccentric. "So, what is it about the matter that we have to settle?"
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