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Quote originally posted by Agastya:
So.. what happens when you plug it in a hack? Your pre-defined 'sensible' moves won't make much sense then. Should probably make this thing configurable so people can share it for their hacks, especially those that do something other than 386 with no movepool changes.
The randomizer isn't meant to be integrated into other hacks, although I'm looking into giving it support for the FireRed 649 patch. I've released the source code for the randomizer, so if another hacker wants to integrate the randomizer, they can look at the source code.

Quote originally posted by timson733333:
  • Wigglytuffs on Route 1.
  • Rhydon on Route 24.
  • Tropius in Viridian Forest.

And this is when I checked "Retain Pokemon Strength..." I'm pretty sure that these guys have higher BSTs than what would be around them normally.

Also, I think that the starters should be unevolved and able to evolve. Getting something like Snorlax would turn early-game into a "click Tackle and win" situation.
I fixed the bug in version 1.1 of the program that caused pokemon with abnormally high BSTs to appear early in the game, so the randomizer should work fine now. Also, the randomizer is designed to be probabilistic, so while it is unlikely for powerful pokemon to appear unusually early, it is still possible, especially when the pokemon is in a slot for rare wild pokemon.

The randomizer already has an option for unevolved starters.
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