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Originally Posted by Spinosaurus
Stuff about Rhythm Heaven Fever
This. Oh good God THIS so hard.

I've only just played it this year because I couldn't afford to buy it (cheap as it was) in 2011. But if we're going for GoTY based on when you played it? RHF, easily. It's not even a contest.

If you can still import Rhythm Tengoku somehow, I'd recommend it. I ended up buying two, one for me and one for my sister (there's only one save file), and we both ended up having a blast. Honestly, it's probably the best version based on gameplay mechanics, in that almost all the buttons are used (but it's still rooted in simplicity). You may like the music in other games more, and I think the endless games in sequels are better (though endless Doctor Virus is pretty cool), but I still think you'd appreciate all the stuff you can do considering the lack of a restrictive system. The drum lessons can get pretty intense.

I still find myself thinking about RHF, as I left my Wii back at my old home, and I really miss playing it. I can't stop grooving to the game in my head, and I just wanna play those songs again. The localized vocal tunes are also very catchy this time out, way better than most of the ones in the DS game. I can't stop humming Tonight or I FEEL FINE! or whatever it's called outside of Japan (Remix 3).

It's another swing and a hit for the Rhythm Heaven team, also responsible for Wario Ware (it's no wonder this series is so great), and probably one of their best outings as far as the music, catchiness, fan service, endless games (the two player ones are pretty amazing), and overall fun factor, especially with another person. It makes me wonder if this is it for the series, and as much as I hate a franchise being driven into the ground, I kind of hope for at least one more Rhythm Heaven. I'm not quite ready to part with this franchise, yet. If not, hey, I'd say it went out with a bang!

As for everything else I'm kind of indifferent, but...

Best Xbox360: I dunno. I mean, I like Rayman Origins on an artistic level, but I think I'd've have to give it to Deathsmiles, which is another old game I've only just played. I love SHUMPs, and prior to this, I've never played one from CAVE. Once you learn the system, it's addictive as all get out, and the soundtrack is amazing (as well as the arrange soundtrack). Consider this a gateway game as I'm now curious to play as many other CAVE shooters as possible.
Best Handheld: Kirby: Mass Attack. It really surprised me.

... that's it. I don't play a lot of video games, it seems.

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