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Originally Posted by LMFAO. Word up. View Post
If you look in the games Tyranitar is barely used.
Also the Pokedex has never been sorted by pokemons base stats.

Also why is Volcarona not in this class aswell?
Psshh, you ask too much questions dude, I believe Volcarona is not inside this class because you look at the trend, it has always been Pokemon with 3 evolutions, I don't see why Volcanora should be there. IMO, Volcanora is like a Snorlax/Sudowudo-like Pokemon thats a stationary one.

The commonly accepted definition for Pseudo-Legendary is a non-legendary pokémon that has a Base Stat total of 600 and has at least one immunity.

Anyway, this Psudeo-Legendary thingy is NOT a Gamefreak thing, its just a trend that fans saw.

Some mod please move this thread to Pokemon General, its not about 1st/2nd gen discussion.
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