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Hi guys! I've decided to remake a certain game that went inactive due to being too complicated.

Just like in the original game, there are 3 Pokemon presented, and you must choose 3 Pokemon to attack them (with moves, of course) and to replace them. You can let one of the presented Pokemon stay, if you want.


Person 1:

Cyndaquil attacks with Ember
Oshawott attacks with Water Gun
Pikachu attacks with Thundershock

Person 2:

Sandshrew attacks with Rollout
Mudkip attacks with Mud-Slap
Meowth attacks with Bite

And so on.

However, there is no longer a move list for each Pokemon. From now on, Pokemon can use any attack they can learn in the games, no matter how many times they've been brought up. For example, Charizard can use Flamethrower, Dragon Claw, Ancientpower, etc.

Also, you won't get punished with visitor messages. Just have fun with this game!

The game starts now:

Come play The Great Pokemon Battle 3 right here!

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