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Originally Posted by Nara567 View Post
I've got a few questions. Fire Red.

Eevee. YAPE and Pokemon Editor included in the Pokemon Game Editor only allow for five evolutions max. Is there any way I can expand that to include Glaceon and Leafeon?
Is there also any way for me to alter or add evolution methods? I don't mind hex editing, but I'd prefer not to.

Is there a max number of trainer sprites I can have? I'm using the JPAN's Hacked Engine, if it makes a difference. I know there's a bunch of overworlds possible, but I don't recall reading anything about sprites.

Is it possible to have tiles from a bunch of different tilesets in one map? Like the Celadon Department Story and Pewter's museum in one map?
I think most of your questions require either ASM or editing the game engine, especially the restriction removal of number of evolutions. Max number of trainer sprites I think can be increased if you repoint the sprite the trainer data uses for each trainer (not sure on that though)

As for your tileset data, unless you can fit all of those tiles into the same tileset, no unless you, again, edit the game engine or use ASM. My advice - get your favourite tiles from these and put them in as one tileset (but do not forget the pallette limitations that the GBA has as well in the games)

Man of Steel
He harbors no shame
Got cut a raw deal
But he holds no blame
Gone and forgot to feel
Numb for pretentious pain
As he spins the wheel
There's no loss nor no gain...

Nerves of Steel
He must remain
Even if it kills
To remember my name
A view to a thrill
Like Campari and Champagne
I'm on the rocks
Please tell me, What Is My Name?