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It is in Unova. Most of the Unova League episodes are out in Japan and they are almost done. Kotetsu is fairly stupid in the Anime so you really can not go on anything he says. He may have meant he was from Johto or has been to Johto. Or thinking he was in Johto.

We know everything that happens in the Unova League, and you can watch new episodes on apps on a smartphone or computer.

This is a link from Bulbapedia about Higaki Town where the Unova League takes place.

After the League he goes to the White Tower or something like that where Reshiram is suppose to be. He meets Cheren as well who has just become a gym leader. So the next arc takes place in Unova and is a Team Plasma arc. And the reason they come back to Unova is to take out Team Plasma. According to what Serebii had.
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