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I guess I'd push it back a little bit. We were really rushed this year because I had an exam on the very last day of exam period (20th) and then we had to drive out to Ottawa to move my brother back from his work term. This left us with almost no time to do Christmas shopping, exacerbated by the fact that we all drew up our Christmas lists really late this year. Factor in that we got some sort of crushing news that kind of destroyed my happiness for a day or two and I'd really like an extra day or two to come to terms with it so I can put on a braver face for Christmas. As it is I'll probably be on the verge of tears a lot over the holiday but I'm already a lot better today than I was yesterday so if I had just a day or two more to settle my emotions/thoughts on all of it, I think I'd have a much better go of it. But it is what it is so I'll make the best of it. Thankfully, I managed to get pretty much all my Christmas shopping done despite the two days to do it so I'm not lacking presents for anyone. :P

In short, my want to push it back a bit has nothing to do with anticipation. If anything I do kind of just want it to be over haha.
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