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Type: Fighting
Challenge: Ultimate
Game(s): FireRed for now, will figure out the rest as I go along

Ultimate Fighting Monotype Challenge FireRed Update #1

Name: Huggs
Rival: Muggs
Starter: Champ the Charmander (to make things easier for me down the road against my rival)

-Blahblahblah caught Snowball the Mankey on the route west of Viridian
-I’m also just catching as many mons as possible so I can get the Itemfinder later on
-Brock fight was simple (no screen)
-Misty took a couple tries, because Starmie kept getting lucky with confusion hax
-Snowball evolved into a Primeape on Route 6
-Lt. Surge was simple since we’re getting pretty overleveled at this point
-Used the move tutor in Rock Tunnel to teach Everest Rock Slide
-Also taught him the TM for Return
-He also evolved into a Machoke on Route 8
-Got the Tea in Celadon, then went straight to Fighting Dojo
-Snowball took down the whole place with Aerial Aces and we got Eddard the Hitmonchan as a reward
-Eddard Ice Punched his way through Erika’s gym



Snowball the Primeape ♀, Lv. 37
Ability: Vital Spirit
-Aerial Ace
-Cross Chop

Everest the Machoke ♂, Lv. 31
Ability: Guts
-Rock Slide

Eddard the Hitmonchan ♂, Lv. 31
Ability: Keen Eye
-Comet Punch
-Ice Punch
-Sky Uppercut

HM Slaves:
CH'DING the Farfetch'd: Cut, Fly
Pikachu: Flash