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Name: Samantha Heights (Prefers Sam)

Age: 21

Hometown: Fortree City, Hoenn

Bio: Sam was born in Fortree City and is a Hoenn native. He father was and still is a scientist for the weather institute. Her parents were never quite supportive of her going out on a pokemon journey, thinking it was too dangerous especially out in the near tropical jungles of their home. Sam still developed a voracious love of pokemon however, and instead poured her passion into learning about pokemon, focusing on reading and studying them in scientific and technical terms. She's practically a pokedex all on her own at this point, though is less familiar with Unova pokemon than the four other regions. When she turned 16, her father finally gave her the gift of a companion pokemon, gifting her a castform egg from the breeding program at the weather institute. They agreed that if she could raise the baby to fighting condition, that Sam could do what she wanted with it and leave home if she desired.

They obviously didn't know their daughter well if they expected her not to follow through on it. Sam hatched the egg, revealing the little pink and yellow castform on the inside. Sam named the little shimmering baby Sparkles. Sam was not particularly talented at training, but her extensive knowledge of pokemon assisted her greatly with everything needed to raise and begin battling the little castform. She eventually caught a shy gloom named Valentine and trained him as well. Surprisingly, Sam did not leave the moment Sparkles was ready. She actually went through with college, gaining a degree in pokemon studies and getting an official pokemon researcher's license before leaving.

Sam since traveled all over Hoenn, studying and learning about pokemon in the wild. Though not a very known researcher, she actually took on the gym challenge and successfully beat all the gyms, and eventually traveled to other regions. This gave her a somewhat unique position of being both a competent, somewhat known battler in the hoenn region and a registered researcher. She heard about the increasingly violent pokemon and the disappearence of the legendary dog of Johto, and set her sights on solving the cause of it. Once she was focused on the problem, there was no stopping her. She bought her own ferry ticket to Johto and arrived several weeks ago. She caught a pokemon, Dex the lickitung, from the safari zone to be a native pokemon to work with. Since then she's been doing some of her own investigating, but upon hearing Eusine was nearby, and the expert on Suiccune, she set out to meet him to see if she could get new information or help on the investigation.

Appearance: Sam is very short, and appears young for her age. She is frequently mistaken for a teenager, or occasionally younger if the person is particularly bad with ages. She has a boyish figure, with narrow hips and a nearly invisible chest. He hands are especially delicate, but her nails are not, often cut short. She wears practical clothes; her traveling outfit consists of a black tanktop, tough army pants, sturdy hiking boots and a green bandanna that is usually around her neck, but can pin back her hair or cover her mouth if needed. Her hair is jet black and straight as a bone. It's actually incredibly long, reaching just past her butt, but she keeps it in a tight single braid down her back which shortens it to mid-back. Her face, unlike her body, is actually feminine though with, full lips, heavy round eyebrows, and sharp brown eyes. Her skin is an olive color, slightly darker than normal from her time outside.

Personality: Sam is competent and intelligent and she knows it. She's stubborn as a mule, has little patience for BS, and always thinks she knows best. This can make her a great leader, but she's not so great at teamwork with strangers. She does ease up a bit when she becomes friends with those she's working with, but her habit of being defensive often hinders that. She acts quickly and decisively, but (almost) always has a plan in mind. Her passions can get the better of her sometimes, and she can snap or act quickly then. She has a short explosive tempers and a protective streak a mile wide that can sometimes flare up for complete strangers. Despite her spiny exterior, she can be quite vulnerable. If she does open up and trust someone, only to lose them or have them betray her trust, it's devestating. Her fiery temper hides her passionate core. In her youth she was idealistic, and the realism of traveling through the regions has broken some of that idealism, and the wounds still hurt.

Pokemon: Castform (shiny)
Name: Sparkles
Ability: Forecast
Gender: Female
Moveset: Sunny Day, Hail, Rain Dance, Weather Ball
Bio: Sparkles was Sam's first pokemon. Sam's father works at the weather institute and once the established a stable castform breeding program Sparkles was given to Sam as an egg. She's been with Sam ever since, and has been a constant counter to Sam's rather serious and biting personality. She's incredibly loyal to Sam, but is very agreeable, cheerful and pleasant. Her spirits are nearly impossible to dampen, but she does fret and worry when other people are upset, especially Sam. She loves sun bathing and swimming, and is often found cheerfully humming as she basks in the sun. Sam wears the mystic water that came with Sparkles around her neck as a symbol of their bond.

Pokemon: Zubat
Name: Zuzu
Ability: Inner focus
Gender: Male
Moveset: Bite, Wing Attack, Confuse Ray, Toxic
Bio: Zuzu is the one pokemon on Sam's team she did not purposefully catch. He just sort've started following her one day as she was travelling through caves. He was extremely young, and took to Sam like a lost puppy. He has a bad habit of stalking and following Sam without her knowing, and he's incredibly stealthy and silent, even more than usual for a zubat, and so Sam has taken to tying a little bell around his neck so he can't sneak up on people without their knowing. Clingy but prone to temper tantrums, Sam likes him, but he's young and weak compared to the rest of the team, so Sam takes careful consideration as to when she uses him in battle.

Pokemon: Lickitung
Name: Dex
Ability: Own Tempo
Gender: Male
Moveset: Swagger, Slam, Rollout, Disable
Bio: Dex is the newest member of Sam's team. Sam caught him in the safari zone after arriving early in Johto for the investigation. She's had a little time to train him but is still mostly not entirely sure how to handle the lickitung. He's goofy and acts almost as if perpetually drunk. He seems oblivious to the world, or at least not aware of how much danger he's in every day. Despite all this he is terrifyingly effective in battle, the silly facade covering up a dangerously precise and capable warrior.

Pokemon: Vileplume
Name: Valentine
Ability: Effect Spore
Gender: Male
Moveset: Petal Dance, Giga Drain, Substitute, Solar Beam
Bio: Valentine was Sam's second pokemon. She caught him as a gloom outside Fortree city. Their relationship was initially rocky, as Valentine was shy and reluctant to put himself out there in battles and Sam was used to training the very eager and easygoing Sparkles. However, over their long journey together they've grown closer, and while Valentine is still socially bashful, he takes comfort and confidence from Sam and is a beautiful battler.

RP Sample: [will fill in if asked for >.>]
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