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Weeeeell, this bug monotype isn't too terrible after all now that I've gotten past the first gym (stupid rock types!). I had to compensate for the lack of bugs by catching THREE Wurmple and training them. Took 5 tries to beat Roxanne for obvious reasons, heh. Zigzagoon is lovely, because he gives free money. Yay, money!

Current team:
Nincada Lv. 18
Dustox Lv. 17
Dustox Lv. 17
Beautifly Lv. 17
Zigzagoon Lv. 2 (HM slave)
Wingull Lv. 4 (HM slave)

I'm starting a normal monotype on SoulSilver too, yay!
Terriermon and Lopmon

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