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The 'arts' can be used to explain yourself and relieve your pent-up feelings. It helps people. The people who draw/write morbid things are probably releasing their stress.

I used to draw some pretty gross stuff, I never showed it to anyone because no one needed to see it.

My personal opinion is simply that if you push your morbid art around, it is really just for attention, whether you like it or not. It's saying "Look at me, I'm drawing gory things so you will pity me or give me compliments".

That's how it is. Honest. I used to draw dead birds, rotting corpses, and stuff of the like, and it was for attention because I was so depressed. I needed someone to pay attention to me and to be either shocked or impressed at my skill of drawing/what disgusting things I could think up.

It's for attention.
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