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Originally Posted by Alexial357 View Post
Hey there! I think your little comic strip tells more about you than you think (and that's a good thing)!

To start, I had no problem viewing your images! Second, that kitty is adorable it's killing me x_x;;

Very cute comic strip you've got here. It's not highly developed or super intellectual (nor do I think it's supposed to be) but I think you've touched on a subject that we've all thought at one point or another in a sardonic and funny way. It's quick, precise, and too the point-- making it an easy read and nonetheless enjoyable. I'm somewhat of an amateur comic books artist myself, and while your comic is just for fun, you actually have a really good eye for placement and continuity.

I'd love to see a fully fledged out version of this and any other comics you have to share! ;D Well done!
Thank you very much (:
Yes, the unintellectual factor is intended. Serious humor isn't quite as fun, in my opinion.

I appreciate the reply; I honestly expected to come here to see no views or replies. So this was a nice surprise. Currently, there are no other decent ones finished. I have to finish a few more pages, then I'll be able to post a new set. The "theme" for this will be Gen V vs Gen I. Starts off as defending Gen V and results in confusion over what Ditto is based on. (;
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