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I can't really say I'm much into the big fashion names - you know, the names you know are foreign and so high end they practically fall off the other side - but I do like to look good, if I can help it. No matter what, I stay away from wearing old/vintage things, because if I'm going to go out in public, I'd prefer to be current and not look like I stepped out of a grandfather's time capsule.

If I'm ever near one, I like to shop at Banana Republic, but it's only in scarce instances since they are so few and far between. I also enjoy GAP and Kohls, as well as Nike/Foot Locker for any shoes I might be shopping for. It might sound shallow, but I despise thrifting, because I used to live the life of a thrifter and now that I don't have to do it, I don't. I buy what I like, new and fresh, and I'm happy with that. xD

I think if I could dress in something like this

every day for the rest of my life, I probably would.
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