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Originally Posted by timson733333 View Post
Level curve seems a tad too high. I tried myself editing the trade data to have NPCs trade you Haunter, Kadabra, etc. and the evolutions didn't work, so test them out to make sure they work.
Yeah, that's most likely the "effect" on trading pokemon that evolve by trading through in-game trades. The coding behind trading with NPC characters is completely different from that of used to trade with a link cable.

Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
Yeah, I'd like to expand the features if I could but I need to learn more about hex editing before I can do that but I do plan to add additional trainers etc.
Creating new person events which function as "additional trainers" is far from the knowledge required to doing simple hex edits. Of course nothing is impossible but you do have to learn how coding in the games work to achieve that; read, experiment, read, experiment, ..., and one day get the hang of the process.

And to be able to add in features like "more trainers", you'll have to understand the process behind loading the trainer datas for the battle to start (this depends quite a lot of the game you're working on too). It took me around a year to get hang of scripting and understanding a bit about assembly (once I started practising, not just creating "edits"), you can do it too if you really want to. But for instance with trainers there, I think you do have to get the hang of basics of Z80 assembly. But that's not difficult either once you understand more simple things first.

Rom Hacking is like a never-ending stairway; from any step, it's possible for you to reach the next one, with a little bit of work of course. However, to progress two steps at the same time is a more difficult process, it's easier to go on one step at a time.
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