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Since the last post, I made a lot of progress. I beat Cheren, Roxie and Burgh in really epic circumstances, changed my team a bit and also caught new Pokemon, acted out a movie in Pokestar Studios, visited Join Avenue, and I've been training for the Nimbasa Gym.

Also, all the members of my old team (except Riolu) have since evolved.

Currently, I'm at the Desert Resort. My team is:

Dewott ♂ Lv25
Hasty nature
Somewhat stubborn
- Tackle
- Tail Whip
- Water Pulse
- Razor Shell

Riolu ♂ Lv26
Jolly nature
Quick to flee
- Force Palm
- Quick Attack
- Screech
- Counter

Tranquill ♂ Lv22
Impish nature
Super Luck
Somewhat vain
- Air Cutter
- Roost
- Leer
- Quick Attack

Magby ♀ Lv20
Bashful nature
Flame Body
Very finicky
- Smog
- Leer
- Ember
- SmokeScreen

Gothita ♀ Lv23
Bashful nature
A little quick tempered
- Fake Tears
- DoubleSlap
- Psybeam
- Embargo

Roselia ♀ Lv24
Timid nature
Natural Cure
Impetuos and silly
- Mega Drain
- Leech Seed
- Magical Leaf
- GrassWhistle