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Oh whoops, sorry Rainer. Fixed it.
Anyways, if we do change the points system this is what we'll be at currently

Owner: Checkers_Albino_Umbreon Kandi 100 (2nd topic)
Co-owner: Pikakitten Drop 200 (2nd and 3rd)
Avishka Muddystars 300 (1st topic, 2nd and 3rd!) You're in the lead! xD
rainerman3 Trek 200 (1st topic and 3rd)
Curtis Talli Aston 100 (2nd topic)
OnchoPoncho 100 (2nd topic)
CobaltChrome Zirc 100 (2nd topic)
glitchguy Tsunami 200 (2nd topic and 3rd)
PeanutButterGamer 100 Emburr (2nd topic)
BroskiRage TheBro 300 (1st topic, 2nd and 3rd) Techincally it was an accident for 1st but meh. Now you're even with Avishka
LilJz1234 Chiclet (2nd topic)? We're on the 3rd actually, so if you answer it you'll get 100 more, 200 total.
Gerokunz Kazuki 200 (2nd topic and 3rd)

And this is what I'm thinking for the rewards system.
500 points, Evolution
1000 points, Pokeballs (1000 is normal, 1500 is great, 2000 is ultra, 2500 is any other ball and 3000 is master) (Every now and then, if Checkers approves of this, we'll send out a random VM where a wild battle is initiated and if you have one you can ATTEMPT to capture it)
1500 points, A new starter, not one of the 3 (Mudkip, Torchic, Treecko) (4000 for legendary)
2000 points, Promotion (Member: Posts; Super Member: Can pitch ideas to us (contests, new features, rewards, etc) Awesome Member: Recieves a VM for when there's a new topic; Top Notch Member: Get's all those things and can change topics (every 2-4 topics so then the 2500 points will be worth something sometimes))
2500 points, Can host one event or change topic once.

Anyways, that'll be all, still waiting for approval from Checkers but I'm pretty sure it'll be a yes.

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