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(OOC: Sorry for the delay, holidays and stuff, hope you understand)

Chapter 1-2: The Raccoon, Zigzagoon

"Yes! I caught it!" yelled Miles, not noticing that the PokeBall had caught something else. When he saw the Zigzagoon still attacking Milo, Miles looked in his PokeBall.

An Oran Berry. His first catch was an Oran Berry. A half-eaten Oran Berry, to be exact. Miles wasn't going to take any of that.

"Milo! Use Haze, once again!" Miles saw the area around him covered in... well, haze. "Now Milo, use Brine!" What Miles wasn't aware of was that the Zigzagoon was right next to him, and vice versa... thus causing both him and the Zigzagoon getting drenched in water. Smelling the wet raccoon, he looked at it. Its fur smelled, and it bared its teeth, tackling Miles instead of the actual Pokemon it was meant to be battling.
"Zigza, zig zig...." it growled. It didn’t seem so playful anymore. Miles jumped away quickly. When was this thing going to stop? Miles looked around. It kind of sucked, actually, that all the Zigzagoon had before was scales in his eyes, that he wasn’t hurt or anything (not like he’s abusive- but it’s disappointing) and also the fact that the Pokemon had eaten part of an Oran Berry- which was, like, 1/4 of it’s health? And Feebas only had one worthwhile attack to use- Brine. Lots and lots of brine. Miles held out the Oran berry in this hand. He took it out of the PokeBall, and watched the Zigzagoon. It was about to tackle the Feebas. Again. Of course, Milo hit it with Splash, and the Zigzagoon jumped back, again, with scales in its eyes. Now was the perfect chance to...
“Milo! Use Brine, now!” The smell of wet raccoon entered the area once again as the Haze whittled out. Then, the Zigzagoon jumped out of the remaining haze, trying to tackle Milo once again, annoying Miles for all it was worth. Milo was pretty hurt, by the looks of it. Miles quickly threw the half eaten Oran Berry to his partner, and the Feebas ate it greedily. It seemed replenished. Miles groaned. He could use some replenishing himself. As the Feebas ate the Oran Berry, the Zigzagoon came at him one more time, spitting the Oran Berry out and sustaining damage. Great. 1/4 Oran Berry left.
“Milo, Haze! The area was covered in the thick fog, and Miles took advantage and checked his Pokemon as much as he could. About half stamina (or HP?) left... so now was the perfect time to...
“Feebas, fee, feebas!” An overwhelming amount of water engulfed the raccoon, being powered up by the fact that Milo was at a little more than half health. As soon as the move Brine had ended, Miles used a PokeBall, hoping that this time the Pokemon would be caught. But as the PokeBall rocked, Miles wondered how the Pokemon had used the attack without his command...
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