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Ooh, I love these kinds of questionnaires!

What region would you meet them in? Sinnoh, definitely.

What town would you be from?
I prefer to live in a route, somewhere near Hearthome City, so I can participate in the contests. I'd like to live in a cottage in a beach.

How would you meet them?
Dawn, after she won a contest in Heathome, along with Ash and Brock, traveled to a nearby beach to take a swim. As Ash looks for a good spot to train, she spots a blond picking up shells, along with a Delcatty. And so the history goes.

What would your main goal be?
To be a famous author in the Pokemon world, and a part-time Coordinator as well.

What would be your preferred Pokémon type?
Water, but any would do.

What would be your main Pokémon?

Would you let your main Pokémon evolve, and if so, to what extent?
Delcatty is the last evolution, so it's impossible.

What would your gender be?

What would your name be?

What family members would you have?
A sister named Irisa, pronounced as ee-ree-sa, and a pair named Khyle.

What would you look like?
I'd be a blond with a purple hair streak. I'd have hazel-flecked blue eyes, and fair skin. I'd wear a white tank top, and matching white shorts. I'll wear a light-purple cardigan and a small pouch, where I keep my money, shells, and Potions.

Well, that was fun!
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