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Quote originally posted by Cirno:
I am not title creative

Let's all congratulate the wonderful Derozio for being modded to Art & Design! He's very talented and dedicated to this section, so this promotion was well-deserved. Congrats on being modded (and right on Christmas, too)!

You will do wonderful, enjoy your bold blue name! <3
Thank you so much for making this thread and wishing me, Cirno. You're the best! <3;

Quote originally posted by Minzy:

Congratulations, Derozio! Well deserved if you ask me. Make us proud!
That gif is pretty awesome, must say. :] Thank you!

Quote originally posted by Hikari10:
Wow Derozio, this was so unexpected!

And for all of it to happen on Christmas too!

Have fun in the bold and don't go too crazy with the banhammer show us how amazing Art & Design is. Ever since Gavin got s-modded it was obvious you'd be the one to replace him.

Congrats buddy, you'll be awesome!

- Hikari10
I don't think I'll be using banhammer anytime soon. :p But yeah, I'll give it my best! Thanks! Also, I didn't know 'supporter' tags existed. :@

Quote originally posted by Cid:
Derozio this was the best Christmas gift ever! Seeing you with that bold blue username, I know Art & Design will be basked in glory in the future and you'll do everything you can to achieve that asap. I know how dedicated you are and I know how talented you are; you will do great things. I'm so so happy to see a good friend get promoted! Heck yeah, Art & Design mod! <333

Happy holidays, Vikalp! Make us even more proud. :D

You have to get all the time in the world and work extra hard so that you still get to the best university there while being an awesome mod! You can do ittt!
So glad to see you happy about it rn. <3; I'll try my best, Cid. Not promising anything since I can only do so much. Let us hope the community responds to all the effort I put into it! :] And thanks a bunch! <3;

Quote originally posted by Patchisou Yutohru:
oh wow i did not see this coming at all.
You totally didn't. Yeah, we know. :p

Quote originally posted by Logiedan:

Quote originally posted by Curious.:
W00t! Very well deserved! Glad to have you on board!
Thanks, Curious! Glad to be a part of the team! :]

Quote originally posted by Netto Azure:
I was expecting a better title

Congrats! This is certainly a nice Winter surprise. :)
haha, yeah, it certainly is. XD; And pssh, Cirno did come up with a rad title! :p Thanks! :]

Quote originally posted by MidnightShine:
This is the same old, awkward "Yay, glad for you." type of post

Ah, congrats on getting modded, Derodero, u sure seem like a potential mod~! Happy modding & good luck with it!
Potential mod? I'm already a mod, aren't I? XD; But yeah, thanks! :]

Quote originally posted by AlexOzzyCake:
Congrats dude, what a time to get modded! I bet you'll be a great staff member n.n
Yeah, really good timing. <3; Thank you for the wishes! Hope to get to know you all better! ;]

Quote originally posted by BinaryPeaches:
Congrats Derodero! I do hope you know what this means! You can't go being inactive for months at a time anymore! :b

But joking aside, PC certainly give you a fabulous present! You better enjoy it! ♥
Yeah Tara, I totally can't do that now. What a shame. :< But on a serious note, glad you decided to wish me! <3 Thanks, I will enjoy for sure!

Quote originally posted by Leaf Storm:
ahhh this is certainly a surprise! Haven't been paying attention to most of PC so I wasn't aware that you were active there! damn roleplay but you're such an amazing member no matter what! Congrats on the promotion! I know you'll do absolutely great!! ^_^
Well, almost nobody knew about my activity in that section so you're not the only one. XD; But thank you so much! <3;
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