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can I have Pokepuff? I'll be nice!
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This year:

• My younger brother: A Kiss CD
• My younger sister: 3 inch figure of a tiger, everyone at home knows I love cats
• My uncle: a glow-in-the-dark wand shape of a skull
• My mom's husband: Kiss PEZ collection
• My mom: Pansage Plushy
• My grandma: gave me three gifts:
-- Purrloin plushy
-- Queen Size sheet for my bed with image of tiger on front/flowers on the back
-- two pair of socks

the #1 item I wanted for Christmas and didn't get was - 20 pack of Diet Coke!! Oh well, I'll just wait and spend $10 at the store later. Happy with the Pokemon plushys the most.
I ♥ Fire Foxes and Cats!! I loves Litten, my choice in Sun/Moon - art drawn by Bonez1925 (claims no credit)
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