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ミハラ Ariel

"I don't think people are that cruel. Besides..." Ariel let the thought trail off. Kyouko and Imu often switch with her when she's in trouble. They're always there to protect her.

At the back of Ariel's mind, an inkling urged her to push away the girl. She ignored it in favor of examining the newcomer.

Her impression of the girl Adelaide is that... Her name's hard to pronounce, and that's something considering that she's the best English speaker in her school (Next to the English teacher, as Japanese is his second tongue)

For the most part though, she seems kind enough, if what she says is true. She'd fit right in with her circle of friends, especially with her appearance that she's sure Keitaro would be stuck with. Who would have known that Ayane's bet that Keitaro's dream girl would be living in an alternate dimension be true?

There goes her ¥1000.

Sombering thought aside (sombering in that the stranger is more passable as a cute Japanese girl than her,) the girl turned her attention to the Pokemon sitting on her lap.

"Kawaii~" Ariel leaned in to have a closer look at the Psychic Pokemon. Her attention was grabbed by the hat, but upon seeing the little creature beneath it and helmet (is that part of the Pokemon?) she instantly cooed.

"I have a Treecko, but I haven't given her a hat or a name yet. I think I left her in the Pokemon Center though... I'm hoping to give her a name after her checkup and a hat when we visit the Mart. Do you have any suggestions for names? I was thinking Akihana, Aki, or Otohime. I played with Sakuya and Konohana, but I keep on remembering Sakuya the maid and... Gomen, I'm babbling. What's your Pokemon's name?"
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