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Quote originally posted by ♣Gawain♣:
Currently dowloading S3E8. All in all, I love all the episodes.

Can I post a topic?

Who are your favorite(other than the main 6): Unicorn; Pegasus; Earth Pony?

I love them 'cause of their awesome designs. I've already drawn them all in one sketchpad.
Unicorn: Minuette, Sea Swirl and Lyra Heartstrings.
Pegasus: Flitter, Cloudchaser, Thunderlane and Cloudkicker
Earth Pony: Octavia, Shoeshine and Apple Cobbler

You can go to the wikia if you don't know all the names.
Sure! This will be the current topic for now. From what I'm seeing, I can't tell what the actual topic is right now. Everyone has a slight different topic xD So, let's try staying in one subject at a time, alright!

ANYWAYS. Lyra will always be best unicorn. :D Lightning Flash (or...what was the name of that pony from Wonderbolts Academy academy? Someone correct me ;;) is an awesome Pegasus, and omg...can't decide between Cherilee and Octavia for Earth. I'd choose both tbh loo

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