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Quote originally posted by razor8771:
can you make a psychic userbar?i wasnt looking when i took the user bar of psychic and now i have got an ultimate challenger userbar in my signature.
Quote originally posted by NecrumWarrior:
I was going to wait until I had more made before posting Userbars again, but this one came out so well I had to show someone, and I figure I may as well show you guys:
This one was I think the second one I made. Maybe third, my memory sucks. It's actually one of my favorites.

So I've done a lot since my last update. I now have 5 badges:
-Bought Pinsir at Game Corner
-Cleared Celadon Gym
-Defeated Erika
-Cleared Rocket Hideout
-Cleared Pokemon Tower
-Woke Snorlax on Route 12
-Caught Venonat on Route 12
-Venonat evolved into Venomoth
-Cleared Route 12
-Cleared Route 13
-Cleared Route 14
-Cleared Route 15
-Woke Snorlax on Route 16
-Cleared Route 16
-Cleared Route 17
-Cleared Route 18
-Cleared Silph Co.
-Got beat by Rival's Charizard
-Cleared Fuchsia Gym
-Defeated Koga


Lvl 40, Lax
-Giga Drain

Lvl 40, Docile
-Pin Missile
-Brick Break
-Focus Energy

Lvl 40, Brave
-Bullet Seed
-Aerial Ace

Lvl 40, Adamant
-Brick Break
-Rock Slide

Lvl 40, Bold

I have gone through the 1st 10 pages and examined the post history of everyone who signed up in those pages. 15 pages left. this is taking less time than I expected.

Last 3 Userbars. I have added them all to the first post:

Moderator of Challenges
Paired to Lulu

The Monotype Challenge
The Ones That Got Away
Contest Super Star Challenge

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