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Heh, I guess it is down to me... Nidoqueen?

And yeah, the other one is within the first 3 gens, and it isn't dragon type... or even really like a dragon :p
Charizard is the other one, and it's very similar to Charizard in a way.

As for the weather in Thailand:
"The weak high pressure over upper Thailand causes warmer weather by 1-3 °C rises. Very cold remains on high mountains with isolated frost on mountaintops of the North. The northeast monsoon over the Gulf of Thailand and the South weakens leading to less rain of the areas. The strong wind-waves are likely in the lower Gulf. All ships should proceed with caution, and small boats in the lower Gulf from Surat Thani downward keep ashore during this period.
Tropical storm “Wukong” in the Philippines is expected to move to the middle South China Sea tomorrow and downgrade to the low pressure cell near the coast of Vietnam. This storm has no effect on Thailand."

I don't know why I bothered with that. Thanks Google, anyway.
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