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Originally Posted by Jambo51 View Post
Simple answer? There's no easy way to do it. It's all determined by ASM with no "hex table".
I've created ASM which lets you create such a table, as well as define regional music, but both "full" answers require ASM.
So it is possible? :) I think a tool which lets you do this would be awesome *-* but otherwise creating tools is anything but light and easy work i guess :< Anyways could you please give some sort of light tutorial? :) (this would also end many questions ^-^) I have to admit I'm quite new to ASM myself and more in the
"glad I actually understand what it is doing... somehow" phase than in the actual phase where i can crease ASM code myself :<

And is there a way how i could change the personality value of a given pokemon? :) (for example i want eevee to evolve either to espeon or to umbreon depending on the personality value and the eevee you get in fire red should always evolve into espeon :) )

Thats almost it my last question is if it would be possible (which i highly belive) to expand the kanto-dex in fire-red to 251 pokemon and how to do it (I only have to change some hex variables don't I? :) ) :)