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Quote originally posted by Jambo51:
Simple answer? There's no easy way to do it. It's all determined by ASM with no "hex table".
I've created ASM which lets you create such a table, as well as define regional music, but both "full" answers require ASM.
So it is possible? :) I think a tool which lets you do this would be awesome *-* but otherwise creating tools is anything but light and easy work i guess :< Anyways could you please give some sort of light tutorial? :) (this would also end many questions ^-^) I have to admit I'm quite new to ASM myself and more in the
"glad I actually understand what it is doing... somehow" phase than in the actual phase where i can crease ASM code myself :<

And is there a way how i could change the personality value of a given pokemon? :) (for example i want eevee to evolve either to espeon or to umbreon depending on the personality value and the eevee you get in fire red should always evolve into espeon :) )

Thats almost it my last question is if it would be possible (which i highly belive) to expand the kanto-dex in fire-red to 251 pokemon and how to do it (I only have to change some hex variables don't I? :) ) :)