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Requested: Contest Details

1st. Place: Checkers_Albino_Umbreon
" I'm Checkers. I am an albino Umbreon with color changing rings. I came here from the Hoenn region. My mother and father had died in a terrible forest fire caused by a Pokemon battle gone a rye. I had managed to escape. I was alone for weeks. Then, one day when I was going to grab a berry from a nearby tree, I fell. And I never hit the ground! I landed on a trainer's head, in the middle of a city! Everyone saw it. A strange Pokemon appears out of nowhere and hits a trainer. You could imagine what happens next. The trainer and her Snivy jumped up. "Snivy! Use Leaf Tornado!" the trainer shouted. The Snivy started to spin. Leaves appeared around his body. Suddenly he threw all the leaves at me. They hit like daggers. Cutting my body. I was mad. I opened my mouth and a white ball formulated. It grew bigger and bigger. Then I screamed. The ball flew at the Snivy, knocking him out cold. White Shadow Ball, the strongest move I know. "Snivy! No!" the trainer said. She sent out another. "I'll catch you. No matter what it takes!" Now I was worried. I had to protect myself. I would be like that Snivy. Forced to live in a retched ball for the rest of my life. No. I had to stay free. "Go Mienshao! Use Drain Punch!" I dodged just in time. I used White Shadow Ball again. A Muna, Sandile, Joltik, and Emolga followed. I defeated each one easily. The trainer ran off to the Pokemon Center. She carelessly dropped five berries. I grabbed them and ran off. I was being pursued by trainers who want to catch me. I leaped into a hole. I landed in stank water. "The sewer. I'll hide here." I said. I stayed there.
I am now a mother of one and have a lovely husband. He is a Nucleon (the poison type eevee-loution). I still long to go home. But I know that I never will. THE END "

2nd Place: Aryan143
" Once a time, Eevees were very rare and people hunted them for food. This once leaded to only one Eevee left on the whole world. That Eevee was very scared of humans. And then after a rain on that day, a beautiful Rainbow came out of the Sky. That Eevee got to the Rainbow and touched it. Suddenly a voice spoke, "Because you are the only Eevee left on the world and you are not safe, I grant you a wish." The Eevee didn't know what to do. Then the voice continued, "Touch the Rainbow again and you will once have seven forms because the rainbow have seven colours." The Eevee touched the rainbow again and and he was converted into 3 forms. The 3 forms were very strong to defeat humans by themselves. They keep breeding and then the population of Eevee became high. Then Eevee got 5 forms, then 7 forms to complete the wish given by the unknown voice. Now Eevees live happily because of that unknown voice. "