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Okay some new take-homes on the Phantom Beast Planes:

It's actually fairly important to maintain field presence with these guys. This is why the opening of Ham-Strato into Mega-Raptor is so big of a deal - Mega-Raptor can then fetch a Black-Falcon for more token generation or another Ham-Strato to make some big plays. In fact Ham-Strato is so big that it's - I don't even okay it's just really good. The gist of the deck is what I expected; I might test with Aerial Charge (soonTM?) but somehow it seems too slow. Token Sundae seems good at first but is actually pretty bad, and Barrel Roll seems mediocre at first but is actually pretty good. Scramble is very mediocre and probably useless ... it is usually more practical to just play Creature Swap.

Consistency and keeping multiple monsters on the field is key. Aside from, you know, the crazy Birdman 101 plays where you bounce your Ham-Strato to make a Mist Wurm or your Tether-Wolf to make a Sirius (or other level 6, but we all know this deck has no Extra Deck space, so usually it's Sirius or Gaia Knight). This deck would be so amazing with Brio / Goyo / Trishula! God dommot Konomo.


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