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Wow, that's really cute. I mean, the watermark is sort of annoying in its lack of subtlety, but I understand why people do it. Personally, I think a signature is enough, maybe one with some loops that just find their way into major parts of the piece itself, making it harder to separate out.

(On top of that, why use a DA watermark? That's like, giving them more credit than they deserve. It's not like they actively help anyone with any part of the design process. I'd at least make up my own insignia, but now I'm just ranting about DA).

Anyway, that's just a suggestion insofar as keeping your work yours, but not having the focal point be something that you didn't intend it to be with factors beyond your control. I'm not coming down on you or anything.

On a more constructive note, though, I do like the way you draw eyes on characters, and that much is consistent on each of your pieces. Even the dog Pokemon, whose eyes I'm guessing don't actually look that way looks a lot more cute with them. I also like the wide mouth on the blue haired girl. I really like wide mouths, though, ahaha. I dunno why, it's so cute for some reason.

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