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Game Start...

The first thing she saw... was white.

To be precise, it was a white ceiling, but the fact that it was a color she was seeing and not nothing was noted in her mind. Again. Just as she had on the first day and as she would for many days after, the young girl, too youthful in appearance to be called a woman, let out a quiet whimper, covering her eyes with an arm. This wasn't right.

She didn't completely break down; she couldn't. It simply wasn't in her to do more than cry a little and let things wash over her. And yet... it had only been a week. It was okay to still be a little frightened, wasn't it?

Ange wasn't to know.

For someone who was told they would never see a thing, this was frightening. If only she could live her life with her eyes covered. However, no human walked around with their eyes closed. Not even the blind attempted that sort of fallacy all of the time. She certainly had not... before.

A noise, a knock rather, made itself heard over her thoughts. She didn't jump. Her ears were long-trained to react to the sound of silence or the hooves of a pony. So she put a smile on her face and called out. "Yes?" There was a small pause, long enough which a time for a green creature to float in front of her from wherever it had been resting. The blob looked at her, tilting itself in a quizzical manner. The redhead put a slender finger to her lips as she had once felt people do to her, reminding the little Pokemon not to make too much noise.

This world itself was very frightening yet she took things like Pokemon... as nothing. They belonged in this world... rather like she did. So she took them as they were. If they disappear... will I go away too... will I not be able to find Benjy if I do? Such questions were not beneath her... nor able to be properly understood. So until she could really get them, she simply didn't think about them anymore. See? Problem solved. Ange giggled faintly when she put a hand on the gel-like substance that encased her little partner. She almost regretted never playing these games before. On the other hand... it made the new wonders and... sights very cool.

She looked up toward the sound of the NPC nurse's voice. "Excuse me, but someone needs to clean this room so if you stay in it tonight it's clean."

"Oh," replied the girl. "Kay." Ange rose to her feet and went to wash. It was still very strange to look at herself like this... particularly at this point. Benjy must look at girls a lot... did he like those other friends cause they could do that too? Ange had never paid much attention to those sorts of things... but now, here, where that was possible, she wondered. She wondered if Benjy would look at her because she was like this. Or if being "this" made any difference at all. Is this what I even look like? She shook the water from her head as she quickly redressed, face wearing a smile as she put the comfy shoes back over her feet.

The week had been filling her mind with these questions, things that normal people probably thought every day.The idea of dying or not dying never occurred to her, having never really helped matters. In fact that whole issue was out of her mind at the moment. She went to clean up, fingers following the reflexive routine from childhood on. Her lights were still off, the better to mimic her old world, the world where she didn't use anything important.

Above her head Sia gurgled again, rather pointedly if she tried to figure it out. Ange giggled to herself, pulling her stuff together. "Time to go," she murmured to no one and her partner. Sia floated after her, manipulating his Pokeball to land on her bag.

Outside, the nurse was nowhere to be found. It wasn't a surprise. The program likely teleported the person there and then let it disappear. Or maybe the call itself was simply a program. She didn't know. Angel hadn't been much of a fan of computers, barely even of technology. Except radio and CD dramas. He had been a fan of those.

She wondered when her thoughts had become so past tense. "Am I... me anymore?" She then shrugged. Odd question that. Ange was Angel and Angel was Ange. Bit weird to ponder otherwise right? Ange trotted on with these thoughts. "Hungry, Sia?" The Solosis gurgled a no. "I'm not either. Too bad." She slowly, gingerly even, walked into the lobby of the Center. The second she reached it, many voices touched her ears and she wobbled, supporting herself with one arm. Sia let out a mental cry and Ange shook her head. So noisy... It was almost nauseating how loud and busy it was. Worse than the diner, it was.

Sia let out a strange clang. Everyone abruptly shut up, making Ange turn pink. They were all looking at her.Somehow knowing they were staring at her was worse than thinking they were. She pouted at Sia, who gurgled his amusement. They quickly exited, Ange shaking her head in shame. "You didn't have to do that Sia..." Her Pokemon shrugged. It had worked on enemies on the way here.

People were passing around her, some players and others were not. It was confusing... but not as confusing as the city itself.

Ange giggled rather despondently. "I think I'm lost..."

"Read the signs," grumbled a gruff-looking man, glowering at her and her odd clothing.

Ange blinked slowly. "Well how would I do something like that?" None of the signs were in Braille right? Thy were in letters and numbers and visible odd things. She didn't know those. The man scoffed at her and lumbered away.

"Ah, excuse me lass!" She turned to hear the rushed footsteps of a young man. His freckled face was widened in a smile and instantly Ange shied back. How odd, how... just... odd! Expressions, what were they? Then Ange smiled back. She knew what it was. It had merely taken her a moment that was all. "Are you heading onto Route 30?"

Ange tilted her head. "Well... yes?" Was that the place up ahead? Was that the way she was supposed to go?

He chuckled at her. "Well you're going the wrong way aren't you? You were heading straight toward the ocean. Turn yourself right and head that way, okay lassie?"

"Oh..." She didn't really know her left from right either but Apple had and that usually meant turn toward where the sun came from. So Ange did just that and started walking. "Thank you!"

"My pleasure," the young man called before letting out a soft, warm whistle. "My pleasure indeed..." He laughed a little and walked away, back toward Route 29.

Meanwhile Ange was happily moving toward the destination. "I suppose I need more..." she thought aloud, watching Sia hover after her. She wouldn't be able to make it with just Sia, though that would be really, really nice. She didn't have much money too... she would probably have to train for that. How... did one train exactly though? Just hunt wild Pokemon? Well... that wasn't very nice now was it?

Sia let out a gurgling chime and Ange stopped walking, only to bump into an older taller girl. "Oh, hello" she greeted, smiling as she stepped back. "My mistake, I didn't notice you there. Thinking does that... a bit." It was strange, she found herself a lot more talkative now. Funny that.
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."