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@Droomph. Thank you for posting my thread. <3 AND YES 16 IS A MAGIC NUMBER AHHHHHHHHHH.

Quote originally posted by Minzy:
You JUST beat me to it, aaaaa mah god.

Happy Birthday, Palamon! 16 is a wonderful year because so many freedoms are now available to you. Take advantage of each and every one, dear.

More freedom. <3 That's the best part of everything. Thank you. <3

Quote originally posted by Hikari10:
Happy Birthday Pala, and enjoy being 16.

Still freaking out that I'm 4 years above you?

But remember, you will be an adult come 2014 and you'd better prepare for "hell" that is adulthood. At least 16 brings you loads of freedoms and make the most of them.

And Boxing Day is a fun day to have a birthday, so enjoy it girl.

~ Hikari
Adulthood... I'm not ready to become and adult yet. D= Two more years for that. Nope! Not at all, actually. xD Thank you again, Hikari. <3

Quote originally posted by AWsquared:
Happy birthday Palamon(Or as she's known as here, Yuki's Sword) !!

I see you often on EGC, especially at the MLP Club and as a fellow brony I hope you get tons of pony-related gifts. And probably MLP cake too??
Like this one

Hope it's a good birthday!
Quote originally posted by Avishka:

Happy birthday Yuki's Sword aka Palamon!!!!
Hope it's a wonderful day!!!!! PAAARTY HARD!!
have fun~
Omg those pictures. <3 Especially that cake! I would eat it if I had it. D: Thank you.

Quote originally posted by pikakitten:
Although I don't know who Palamon is, I bet she's a great person sooo...

Congratulations on another year of life! Have fun at your party and like Avishka said...

Sorry if I'm out of place here

PikakittenX, Wishing You A Happy Birthday!... A Happy New Year!
I SHALL PARTY HARD. AND I WILL PARTY FOREVER. Thank you. D j Pon 3 is awesome~.

She had gold hair the color of money and red eyes, the color of blood.
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