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Whups, still mobile... Let's see how I can reply to this!

Anon6: See, I didn't think of it that way, and that definitely is true! Maybe I've been RPing with my friends for too long to think of first person as the character, and not me.

Ah, also very true. It depends on character development, then? Another thing I should work on then, I suppose!

Hah! Thank you! I'm glad to be here. I love having places to share stories.

Psyanic: I've tried to make a habit of not letting my real life (Or even internet) friends read what I write anyway, simply because friends are nice to friends, whether it's writing, or what they wear. I'd rather have a harsh, contructive criticism than "Oh wow, this is really good!" and having the person reading it leave it at that.

Anyway, slightly off topic. Thanks for the insight.
One day I'll have something interesting to put here.

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