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Originally Posted by Shiny Gardevoir View Post
Hey there~ XD

I can't find a DW meditite, though I managed to find a DW phanpy... do you still need that one? "
Yes I still need that one, what would you like for it please??
Originally Posted by Hooh54 View Post
Your User Name: Hooh54
Pokemon: Archen
Nature: Mild
Gender: Male
Shiny: Y
Nickname: Saren
Ability: Defeatist
Moves: Earth Power, Dragon Pulse, (eggmoves)
Gen. : 4th or 5th:

Hi, can I trade a shiny flawless female Charmander (eggmoved, I believe), in exchange for this breeding request? I can trade a shiny flawless Turtwig for a second one, if you want. Thank you. And if the Archen can have Hidden Power Grass (base power of 70 would be nice,), I would like that, but it is not required.
I do request for nothing but a trash poke and if that ability is a DW one, I don't breed on my 5th gen. game at all, so its it??
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