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Originally Posted by Elgyem View Post
It's become less of a channel for kids and more of a channel for 15-year old hipsters, as evidenced by the new tripe such as Regular Show and Adventure Time.
Although your sentiments could somewhat be applied to Regular Show (though I doubt hipster is the right word to describe any show on Cartoon Network), I cannot see in any way how Adventure Show is a show for hipsters. As for the age, Regular Show is for anyone who watches it, though people of an older age are definitely going to get more from it than the kids, who just think that Mordecai and Rigby are Cool Guys and there are Even Cooler Motorcycles And Stuff or whatever. Adventure Time... that's aimed more for kids, though people of an older age (example: Toujours and Mr Cat Dog) tend to enjoy it too.

In regards to the rest of the programming, '15 year old hipsters' is probably the worst way to describe the demographic Cartoon Network is aiming to please.
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