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Originally Posted by droomph View Post
Do you often find yourself organizing pointless things (eg album names on iTunes,
I don't quite get what you're saying here. This may just be my Monica Geller Syndrome acting up, but having a perectly organised album list on iTunes is not pointless. It is essential! It should be mandatory! If it is not organized correctly, then it looks inaccurate, messy and quite frankly, ugly! Furthermore, all the albums should have album art too! Preferably the correct album art as well, though variations are fine. Otherwise, you end up with that ugly blank space, that terrible black note, synonymous (in my mind) with disorder, laziness and imperfection! droomph, darling, nothing about organizing anything on iTunes is pointless. Let that be a lesson you pass on to your offspring or anyone you encounter in your life. Have it as your epitaph, "Organization of albums and art on iTunes is of the utmost importance to ones life." It is far from pointless, it is mandatory.

I mentioned Monica Geller Syndrome right at the beginning of that little paragraph. That fake syndrome is an accurate summary of how I treat things in my life. Things may look a bit messy in my room, but trust me, it is ordered just as I want it to be and I swear to god I will HURT YOU if you move it out of it's designated position. Sometimes my room is, as mentioned, messy, but most of the time it is perfectly ordered and precise, each little item in it's proper place, existing as it should. So no, I do not love organising 'pointless things' while everything is a mess.
I love organising everything.
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