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Originally Posted by denverbroncos View Post
should I consider mamoswine for my team?
c/ping to make it easier,






From looking at your team posted in NU/W (which isn't meant to go there as you now probably know!) I'd say no. You have Swampert for ground + SR, Hydreigon can hit Dragon types which ice would cover, Grass is covered by Blaziken, and flying types shouldn't really pose an issue to you. However, keep in mind that if you want to play online competitive with simulators, Blaziken is in Ubers, therefore can't be used in most play, and Dusknoir doesn't really sit well in OverUsed, the most common tier unfortunately (and the same would apply in-game, in fact, Cresselia is seen as a better wall competitively and is used on the in-game scene anyway from what I've heard). So to Mamoswine, not really, it's pretty much covered.

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