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Originally Posted by Relith View Post
Username: Relith
Pokemon: Charmander
Nickname (if want one): Lariott
Gender: Male
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Blaze
IVs: (doesnt matter)
Shiny: (doesnt matter)
Egg Moves: (doesnt matter)
Hatch Location: (doesnt matter)
Other: I just bought white 2 earlier today so I need an actual good pokemon as my sidekick :D

I'm in gen 5
It'll take me some time to get to this one if you don't mind waiting a bit. :)
Originally Posted by Matusallem View Post
Breeding Form
Username: Matusallem
Pokemon: nidoran female
Nickname (if want one): Belue
Gender: Female
Nature: bold
Ability: hustle
IVs: Atk 31, DEF 31, SP DEF 31
Shiny: nope
Moves: toxic spikes, earth power, flame thrower, Ice Beam
Hatch Location: PWT
Other: If u can EVs: 252 ATK / 252 DEF and 4 SPDEF

Thanks so muuuchhh!!!! Its hard to find someone that wants to trade DW nidoran (f)
I can't hatch this one in PWT since that's in BW2 only. I can do flawless IVs though if you still want this done.
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