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Quote originally posted by razor8771:
Ok!Heres update #2!

Started game and loaded from last save.
Went to route 29 and watched Lyra catch a Pokemon,thus making me very bored.
Used cheats to get my first member of team staryu(needs evolving though)
Trained staryu to level 7.
Went to the route of trainers and battled.Destroyed bellsprout tower with staryu(somehow)
Destroyed the gym.
Got togepi egg and deposited it.
Went to the next route and through rock cave and reached azalea.
Talked to kurt and went to slowpoke well.Caught a slowpoke(next member of team which needs evolving)
Destroyeed team rockert,rival soul and the gym.
Went through ilex forest,taught headbutt to chikorita and reached goldenrod.
Went to national park and headbutted and caught Exeggcute.
Nicknamed staryu-Stare and slowpoke-Speedy and Exeggcute-Jungle
Saved and closed(duh.)

I hate to say this, but that staryu can't be used. At least two valid pokemon are available for your challenge before the first gym. As such, hacking in pokemon cannot be allowed. Exeggcute by headbutting and drowzee outside of goldenrod. Oh and theres also slowpoke in the slowpoke well. So i have to ask you not to use that staryu. Youll have to catch one with good rod when you get one.