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Originally Posted by Red_Star_Chris View Post
I personally don't call these Pokemon NU (Neverused). I think NOU (Not Often Used) suits them better. Don't you agree?
Not really, given that NeverUsed is what it's officially called according to Smogon :( It's true that your description is accurate but I'd much prefer calling it NeverUsed given that it's the official name. However, as this thread is for discussing stuff in the tier - how often do you play NU/what are your thoughts of it? :)

Originally Posted by RandomTrainerWhoCould View Post
lol. And that will be the entire message

Cacturne is a "high risk- high reward poke". Its offensive stats are unrivaled, but its bulk is ****. You need to predict and get it in on a double or get it in after something died. It can't take hits for crap(even against psychics), but if you do manage to get it in safely, and you are good at predicting, then IT WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN. You can also lead w/ it because it makes an excellent check to lead golems because of bullet seed. Treat it as something like Deoxys-Attack(except cacturne's bulk is not that terrible). It's meant to be an OFFENSIVE spiker, but if you want a DEFENSIVE spiker, use Garbordor
lol good at predicting and bad player doesn't add up tho. ;( So no not always good. Also it can play offensively too and not just as a spiker!!

Also idts, it's obvious that it'd have something to take down Golem, like with Cinccino. I'd rather use Fraxure (which I have been using), with CB and Aqua Tail to take down Golem with Mold Breaker, defeat Probopass and Bastiodon w/ Superpower, so p good.
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