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Are... you serious?! This is my DREAM. I already have a strong dose of cynicism, so why not be a fringe living misanthrope?? Hell, if I am left alone I can grow a **** ton of pot up by that cabin--and then what else do I need?!

My life would honestly be set if no one could bother me. I could be a reclusive hermit in the mountains... but that's not the same. As soon as I start doing something someone doesn't like, they'll come to screw with me. And then Id have to freak out on them...

I don't know how long it'd take. It'd take a very long time. Or I'd snap so hard that my insanity would be the only thing keeping me sane.

O.e however that works...
Being wrong isn't "bad", failing to admit that you are, is.
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