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Hey PC a guy at my league just showed me this combo. It uses Landorus-EX paired with Keldeo-EX. I haven't seen the list yet, but I think it looks a little like this:

4 Landorus-EX
4 Keldeo-EX
2 Terrakion NVI

4 Catcher
4 Energy Switch
4 Ultra Ball
2 Random Receiver
1 Computer Search/Gold Potion
4 Juniper
3 N
4 Bianca
2 Cheren
2 Super Rod
2 Energy Retrieval

6 Water Energy
8 Fighting Energy
4 Prism Energy/Blend Energy FMLW (is that the right way to spell it???)

The strategy is to lead with Landorus, and attack early with the first attack. Whenever you run into something like when Lando runs into a high HP opponent appears, this is what you'd do: Use the Earth Judgment attack or whatever its called, do 150 and discard all energy, then if he doesn't get KO'd then use Keldeo's step in and attack with his attack. if one of em does get KO'd, use Retaliate. Would this list Max Potion, SSU, or anything like that?

You you guys think this deck has potential?
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