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Manga 522
Another good chapter...What happened to the real Tite Kubo?

Well, Nimaiya is just a ridiculous as I thought he would be. XD
But like Kisuke, he seems to have a serious side burried in there too.

The Phoenix Palace is full of beautiful women, why does that not surprise me?
Oh geez, Ichigo is too paranoid. He just need to learn to enjoy view. ;p
But all the girls are Zanpakuto, I wasn't expecting that.
I wonder why they are all in human form, and why there doesn't seem to be any males around.
Maybe Nimaiya likes to manipulate the gender of the Zanpakuto spirits.

Zanpakutos' rage, hmm. I wonder what's lurking in that pit.

Originally Posted by FlameNinja View Post
Hey hey
(keiri) see read the rules<<
Can I please join this fan club? I bleed Bleach!...... haha nah jk jk. But am a BIG fan of Bleach. If it's cool, just let me know what I need to do next, cause I'm sort unsure.
I was gonna say what my Zanpakuto would be but didn't want to before I was accepted, haha wasn't sure if against the sign up rules.
Hello and welcome to Pokecommunity Forum's Bleach fan club, FlameNinja.
As long as you read the rules and found the special word, you can join.
Nothing else is really required.
You can post a zanpakuto whenever you're ready.
And as long as you stay active and be nice to other club members, you can join a squad.

Originally Posted by Pokestick, good times.
And making zanpakutos and that jazz is fully optional of course; haven't done it at all myself.


I'm not assigned to a squad! :D
I kind of wish you'd fix that... >3>
You could so easily be a captain rank here.

Originally Posted by -Lapras- View Post
Pompadour in charge of pool party
Fat chick in charge of food
Black guy in charge of prostitutes

On to the actual thoughts on the chapter.

I'm guessing this will all come down to Zan spirit bonding. Ichigo's sword broke because the bond with Zangetsu was crap, I mean come on. The only thing Ichigo really knows about Zangetsu is that he hated rain.....which he didn't really try to stop, remember how his world was a swimming pool when he fought Tensa Zangetsu.
Lapras, please use spoiler tags when talking about thing that aren't officially translated into English yet.

I think Ichigo has a fairly good bond with (Tensa)Zangetsu.
But I do agree that it could use some improvement.
Maybe Ichigo will finally be able to seal his zanpakuto after this.
The giant constant release shikai is cool, but it's like a symbol of an incomplete bond with a zanpakuto.
Speaking of which, I also hope that Unohana will be able to help Zaraki find out the name of his zanpakuto.